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High-performance marine 9Ni steel by several classification societies

rtification demonstrates our company control of the key components of molten steel has reached a high level, stable mechanical properties of steel, has excellent low temperature impact toughness, low temperature impact toughness aging. It marks the company made another step forward by leaps and bounds in the practice of the development of difficult plate product.
Marine 9Ni steel is mainly used for storage and transportation of liquefied natural gas, low temperature steel products in the highest level of technology, the most difficult one of the highest value-added products and services. 9Ni steel for low temperature impact toughness demanding, smelting process window is narrow, difficult; casting breakout big risk, highly sensitive slab cracks; slab heating, require special rolling process, finished product rate, the risk of failure high. Can the production of such products, but also an important symbol of the overall technical level of iron and steel enterprises.
To speed up the company's special plate to optimize the pace of adjustment of product structure, and continuously improve product quality, our company has always been committed to the development of high-tech value-added products. Since 2015, the company set up a special research group, 9Ni steel factory certification through the Society as a key task. In the development 9Ni steel, the Ministry of Science and R & D personnel and steel making, rolling, quality first-line technical staff work closely with the full use of the experience accumulated over the years of new product development, technology research and through solid preparation process, and actively explore, be bold, innovative design of the system components and steel making, steel rolling, capturing the low temperature nickel steel number of technical problems in the smelting and rolling process. Society in promoting 9Ni steel type approval, I actively communicate with the Society to develop a steel plant 9Ni approval and production test program, complete recognition of the quality of the comprehensive report and submitted to the Classification Society. After a series of strict and tedious inspection and certification, finally, I get a number of the plurality of classification societies factory standard type approval certificate, recognized the maximum thickness of 50mm.
This time through a number of classification societies 9Ni steel factory type approval certification, marking the company 9Ni steel production technology has reached the world-class level, and effectively promote a series of steel clean steel, high alloy and high surface quality research and development, promoting our special plate product structure optimization and upgrading of great significance.